Upgrading to the latest version of Ubuntu GNOME (14.04 LTS)

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Good job. I'd add that the servers are always slammed when a new release drops so it's best to either:

(a) Plan on a fresh reinstall (or upgrade via image) and use the torrents, or:

(b) Wait for a week or two for the server traffic to drop off.

But people get impatient :^(


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As you already know, Ubuntu GNOME 14.04 LTS has been released:

I'm receiving so many questions on Facebook and Google+ from people wondering about 'Upgrading' to the latest version (14.04).

In fact, there is a good reason why I have asked on our Wiki Pages and all the other channels/area to do actually *read* the release notes *before* downloading and installing/upgrading Ubuntu GNOME :)

I have updated this section with more information:


Please do have a read and if you still have any Qs, please use one of our support channels. Social Media is NOT a support channel :)

Ubuntu GNOME Support Channels:

Thank you!


Best Regards,

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