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Thu Apr 17 12:46:16 UTC 2014

Polishing the website is not a major priority right now, but definitely an
important goal. As you remarked, first impressions are very important.

On 17 Apr 2014 14:17, "David Raphaël" <raphael.david at> wrote:

>  Hello the team,
> I am an old gnome user (coming from debian) and I have decided to try your
> gnome flavour. I have to admit I am quite impressed. Everything is fluid
> and polish. Very good job!
> However, I think that your website is missing some very simple features
> that encourages the users to try your distribution: a logo and an icon.
> Coming from google to download your distro, I first thought it was a fake
> page or a domain name that was to sell.
> Ubuntu is reputed for its very polished look and field even in the
> websites. All the flavours seem to follow the same guideline in the
> websites to fit inside the ubuntu philosophy. Don't you think you could add
> a logo? I know it's stupid, but it has its importance for people who
> doesn't know which distro to choose.
> Thank you for your answer and good luck with the first LTS release! ;-)
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