GNOME 3 PPA outdated?

Joachim Hansen joachim2607 at
Wed Apr 16 11:16:22 UTC 2014

I believe we have to wait until Ubuntu Gnome 14.04 is released before
updating the PPA's. This is because ATM the release of the next version
is number one priority.

on., 16.04.2014 kl. 10.12 +0100, skrev Adam Eveleigh:
> Hello,
> The GNOME 3 PPA says that it's for 3.12 packages but it has only 3.8
> and 3.10 packages in it. Is there any chance that I could help get
> 3.12 packages into the PPA? What's the testing process for them (and
> can I get involved in that) or could I just install the 3.12 packages
> from Debian Experimental on my machine and then upload them to the PPA
> if they work? (Considering they've been released as 'stable'
> upstream...)
> Thanks,
> Adam Eveleigh

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