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Fri Sep 27 19:32:47 UTC 2013

Good evening all,

I am new to testing so please bear with me...

I'm Marco van der Heide, 42 years young, from the Netherlands. For 19 years I've been working in the IT, for almost 18 years I've been working with Unix and later Linux. Lately my field of work has shifted to the Microsoft platform (Windows, MS SQL, Visual Studio, etc), but my passion really goes out to Linux.

Together with my son I play a lot of games on Steam (thanks Valve!). You can find us there as "".

And today I read the announcement of Ali Linx about the need for extra hands on testing. So here I am trying to give something back to a really good product which I've been using for so long now... At home I started using Ubuntu GNOME as soon as it came out. (I really like Ubuntu, but I'm not really a Unity fan).

So if I ask stupid questions, just think of me as the silly guy from the Netherlands ...

Hope to see you all,

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