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On Wed, Sep 25, 2013 at 11:13 PM, Ivan Ivanov < at> wrote:

> Hello, Ubuntu GNOME project team,

Hello and welcome to a small but interesting world, we call it Ubuntu GNOME

> My name is Ivan Ivanov and I am from Bulgaria.

Hello Ivan :)
My name is Ali/amjjawad and we have had a chat on Ubuntu GNOME Facebook
Page ;) yep, that was me :P

> I want to participate in the project called Ubuntu GNOME.

I guess you have made your first step already ;)

> I am fan of open source software, Linux and I really like your goal -
> providing Ubuntu with the GNOME interface.

That is really good to know and guess what? you have indeed made the right
choice and you will never regret it :D

> I use Ubuntu since 2008 and from 3 years I use only Linux-based distros on
> my machine (not Windows or Mac OS X). Now my production machine is running
> Ubuntu GNOME 13.04 and even GNOME 3.6 gives me pleasure.

So great to know that. Looks like we will have someone so eager to learn
and go the extra miles ;)

> I want to participate in your project, because I like your motivation and
> quality of the 13.04 release. I haven't tested 13.10 Beta 1 - I have work
> on my production machine.

Beta 2 is waiting for you :P

> But I can help with the Ubuntu GNOME wiki page (checking for errors,
> adding information, updating articles and news, etc.). I can help with
> expanding the documentation. I can help with the translation to Bulgarian.

Right, I forgot you told me that you can't test now but later. And, you are
ready for Doc and Wiki Stuff and/or Translation :D
Okay, I am doing some final touches here and there and there is something
you will sure like but you need to wait a little bit ;)

> I want to do this for free because I love Linux. And every Linux project
> needs volunteers like you, like me.
Ah, we are doing this for free because we do love what we do and we are all
volunteers :D NONE is getting paid here as far as I know ;)

> I hope I am welcome.

Yes, you are more than welcome and you are now a member of this family :)

> Do I have to sign the Ubuntu Code of Conduct?

Yes, please!

> Because I have problems with signing it with I used the
> terminal to generate a GPG key and everything is fine, but when I try to
> enter the fingerprint of my key to launchpad, I get error.

I've been there. I've got the scar :D
Launchpad and signing the CoC for the first time is pain in the neck. But,
trust me, later, you will guide someone new to that process :)
The good news is: you need to sign that ONCE so you may need to have some
headache for a short while but then, you are headache free.

> Do I have to do every step from this help page?

If you are stuck somewhere or to put that right, I do recommend to read
that page because usually, any Wiki Page has been found to help everyone at
something specific so I suggest to read it :)

> Thank you!
Thank you for choosing and joining Ubuntu GNOME and I'm glad to have you

Remember: "All of us are smarter than any one of us."
Best Regards,
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