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Thu Sep 19 20:27:52 UTC 2013


first of, congratulations for your work on Ubuntu GNOME. I've been waiting
for an Ubuntu derivative using GNOME Shell, I believe with that done, the
Ubuntu flavours family is now completed.

My name is Elias <>, I am from Greece and I
am a satisfied Ubuntu GNOME user since (remix) 12.10, Ubuntu user since
2007 and Ubuntu Member since July of 2013.

I saw the most recent announcement (
about the need for contributors and I am interested in getting involved.

The main areas I could contribute the most are in:
1) Testing
2) Documentation and Wiki
3) Communications and Marketing

Searching around the wiki, I realized that there are many complete
instructions about the testing part, so no questions there.

But I would like to have more information about the other two parts I'm
interested in. Information on what contributing to those areas involve,
what someone has to do. Are there any teams coordinating the effort and
assigning tasks?
In general, I would like details about the processes.

Any information would be appreciated. Thank you for your time. :)

Best regards,
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