UG doesn't start anymore after upgrade

Romuald TISSERAND rtisserand at
Wed Sep 18 20:32:26 UTC 2013

I'm writing from my Windows double boot because my UG is in trouble.

Tonight, UG asked me to do a partial upgrade. But I saw it wanted to
removed gdm and gnome-shell without replacing them, so I quit the GUI.

In a terminal, I ran "sudo apt-get upgrade" (not dist-upgrade) which
preserved gdm and gnome-shell. Finally, I rebooted the PC and...UG doesn't
work anymore.

I get the boot screen, I can choose Ubuntu, I see the UG grey splash screen
but very very quickly. Then the screen becomes dark with a white, fixed,
cursor in the top left corner.

I run 13.10 Beta 64 + Gnome-next ppa.

Any help? Thanks.
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