Network and Bluetooth problems with GNOME 3.10

Fran Dieguez fran.dieguez at
Mon Sep 9 04:11:34 UTC 2013


I think that you already realized this but I think that I have to send 
it to this mail list.

I'm using the three ppas for getting GNOME 3.10 gnome3, next and staging.

Since I've upgraded to this version the new unified system area says 
that I have no network connection, even when I'm connected with a WiFi 
or wired network. It is just that little indicator because the rest is 
working perfectly (dropdown menu, system settings...).

On the other hand, in gnome-control-center I can't set up bluetooth 
devices or see which ones are connected. The new unified system area 
doesn't show anything about Bluetooth. And that's quite strange because 
I'm writing this message using my Bluetooth keyboard connected to the 

Are you experiencing some of this issues or is it just my problem?


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