Issue with the Beta 1 on a Dell XPS13 + UEFI + Win8

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> Hi, as I wrote on G+,

Hello and welcome to Ubuntu GNOME Mailing List :)
I'm so glad that you joined and took my advice to send to the list rather
than post on Google+ ;)

> I'm facing lot of issues with this beta.

Let's go one by one :)

> I need to make a double boot with Windows 8. And as I read UEFI is now
> well supported by Ubuntu, I setup my PC Bios to use UEFI (SecureBoot is
> disabled).

Because I don't have such machine (I'm a huge fan of old machines
actually), all what I can offer regarding this is:

> I used the Rufus software to burn a UEFI compliant USB Key with UG 13.10
> Beta.
> First issue : the USB key starts in UEFI but the display (HD4000) is not
> correctly managed, then the PC is not usable. Bios setup to start in Legacy
> mode, the LiveCD starts well.

So, are you saying with Legacy Mode, everything seems okay?

Once started (so in Legacy mode), if I double click on "Install Ubuntu
> Gnome", nothing happens at all. I don't know the command to launch it in a
> terminal.

Try Ubuntu GNOME without installation > Install Ubuntu GNOME from the Live
Desktop >>

It is a known bug that we hopefully can fix - problem is, the developers
can't re-produce it while others can!

Another issue: I started directly to "Install Ubuntu Gnome". The GUI starts
> well, but I connect to my Wifi network. If I click on its name, nothing
> happens. This works well if I just start on the LiveCD. -> I restarted the
> process and was able to launch correctly Ubiquity but directly by choosing
> "Directly install..." at boot.

This is so confusing!
Can you please, re-explain?

Are you saying everything will be fine when:
Boot from your Live Media > Choose "Install Ubuntu GNOME" from the Menu >
carry on with the installation?

As the SSD is UEFI, Ubuntu doesn't detect Windows, I guess this is normal,
> but any documentation pointer to deal with would be great.
> romu
Link posted above :)
can be handy too ;)

Thank you!
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