[Vote for a Proposal] Monthly/Weekly Meetings (IRC/Google Hangout)

Ali Linx (amjjawad) amjjawad at gmail.com
Mon Sep 2 10:41:12 UTC 2013

On Fri, Aug 30, 2013 at 12:55 PM, Tim <tim at feathertop.org> wrote:

> On 30/08/13 13:29, Martin Evans wrote:
> On 29/08/13 20:36, Ali Linx (amjjawad) wrote:
>     Hi Everyone,
>  I'd like to ask you kindly to vote for this proposal:
>  Having Weekly/Monthly Team Meeting either on IRC or Google Hangout to
> discuss what we have achieved and what our plans will be.
>  IMHO, these meetings are important to keep up to date with Ubuntu GNOME
> Work Progress, News, Updates, etc and to build a healthy and good
> relationship between the team members and the users of Ubuntu GNOME and of
> course, everyone is welcome to join :)
>  As far as I know, every Ubuntu Flavour has a weekly or monthly meeting.
>  To vote, please reply this email with:
>  If Agreed: +1
>  If Disagreed: -1
>  Thank you!
>  Big +1 from me, sounds like a great idea. Would give the everyone a
> chance to catch up, plus a kind of chill zone/Place to have a pint :D
>  +1 from me, however finding a meeting time, that suits everyone in
> different timezones is going to be a challenge!
> Tim

Thanks everyone for your votes. I have 7 votes (some sent to me only - you
guys forget to hit Reply to All) and it seems it is a good idea and you
liked it.

I guess weekly meeting is a bit hard to achieve so better go for monthly
meetings. Hope you agree about that :)

Now, we need to decide what day and what time that is fine for 'most' of us
because I understand due to different time zones, it is not going to be

Maybe this will give you an idea:

Let me hear from you so we can reach to a mutual agreement but most or all
of us :)


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