Rhythmbox and GNOME animations

Renê Barbosa renebarbosafl at gmail.com
Thu Nov 21 00:20:28 UTC 2013

Hello folks,

Someone here is experiencing lags on GNOME animations when Rhythmbox is
open? I can work normally with several (8 or more) applications without any
lags on GNOME animations but if i have 1 only application (like Firefox)
and Rhythmbox these animations are not smooth.​

I searched for bugs or something like that and didn't found anything then i
wanted to send that message for you guys.


ii  gnome-shell                           3.8.4-0ubuntu5
   amd64        graphical shell for the GNOME desktop
ii  rhythmbox                             2.99.1-0ubuntu1
  amd64        music player and organizer for GNOME

Not sure if version of any other package needs to be checked.
I am using Ubuntu GNOME 13.10.


*Renê Barbosa de Figueirêdo Lima*
Website: http://renebarbosa.com/
Skype: renebarbosafl
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