Gnome-Shell 3.10 - problem with extensions

António Pinto pinto.antonio at
Sat Nov 16 09:45:52 UTC 2013

Hi Jarek,

I'm also using Gnome Shell 3.10 with Ubuntu Gnome and I don't experience
extension problems. I recall that, right after the installation of Gnome
3.10 some extensions stop working and I opened in Firefox and updated some of my extensions.

Did you check for updated extension versions?

What extensions are you using?

Have tried to identify the ones responsible for the errors by disabling
some of them?

Best regards,

António Pinto

On 15-11-2013 18:00, Jarosław Guza wrote:
> Hello,
> iam user of Ubuntu Gnome, and i am usin Gnome-Shell 3.10 in Ubuntu 13.10.
> There is a big problem with extensions, they are all turned off after a
> reboot, and have to turn them on manually.
> I didnt have this problem with GS 3.8..
> what more info do you need to help me? :)
> best regards
> Jarek

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