Ubuntu GNOME Volunteer

Serge Wagner sergew1967 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 4 12:02:48 UTC 2013


I am a theme designer - and i would like to propose my help

I think it would be important that Ubuntu Gnome gets a more individual
design -it's own theme - that reflects the identity of gnome and the one
of ubuntu

My actual 2 themes ORANGE (till now called Darkair)  and BLO - both
created this year have been  already donloaded >20.000 times on gnome-look
since -- new versions to be published this week

I am not proposing that one of my 2 themes should be taken as default
theme -  i am proposing the creation of a new theme that has not necessary
to be so different to the original theme as these 2 are (but - why not?)

This ubuntu-gnome theme should include
- individual ubuntu-gnome backgrounds selected the same way ubuntu
- a gtk2/3 theme
- a metacity theme
- a gnome-shell theme
- probably a gnome-shell plugin for a better finetuning of the design - or
the automatic install of some existing plugins to get an even better
look (ex: remove the horizontal lines in System menu - see sshot7)

Some links to screenshots of my actual work - example of possible system menu
(mediaplayer plugin not completely aligned for the moment)



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