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> Hi,
> When I decided to join Ubuntu GNOME Team, I promised myself to give the
> ultimate support and help. Having that said, I feel bad that this area is
> on Lubuntu Only and not here as well:
> It was a great experience and so much fun:
> What do you think?
> Working with Blueprint is much easier and better than mailing lists and
> IRC.
> With IRC, you need to manually save the Log so that you can refer back to
> it.
> With Mailing Lists, you need to search for the right email you are looking
> for and sometimes, it takes sometime until you find what you are looking
> for and above all, from long experience, discussions on Mailing Lists not
> very helpful sometimes, specially if one reply goes off-topic :)
> So, speaking from a very nice and good experience with Blueprints on
> Launchpad, I find it is a very helpful way to set new area for our team as
> well.
> Instead of sending an email and wait for someone to reply to, etc ... you
> can simple register a blueprint and the whole community can see it.
> Let me know what do you think :)
> P.S.
> My current work on Lubuntu Brainstorming Area is done for the moment. I
> have nothing more to give/add. So, if you liked the idea, I will have more
> time for our area and will work to set it up and get it ready to be used.

Thank you for your feedback, everyone :)

Give me few mins and I am sure a big smile will be on your face :D

Remember: "All of us are smarter than any one of us."
Best Regards,
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