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shemrana1 at shemrana1 at
Tue May 21 02:58:36 UTC 2013

Hi every1. I really love GNOME coz the graphic quality and maintanace of true linux oriented interface highly inspires me. Eventually, after I installed GNOME 3 customized with Cairo-Dock made my Laptop a unique talked about Laptop in my area. It looks so good in the sense that it combines both features of Mac and Windows 8. This is awsome. However what I just dislike about it is the minimize, maximize and close button of a window at the right handside. I really prefer them at the left handside which always remind me that yes I am on linux not windows.
      Pls is there a way one can help me code these buttons to the left coz I don't want to leave GNOME coz of this. Thank u.
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