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Alfredo Hernández aldomann.designs at gmail.com
Fri May 17 05:37:18 UTC 2013

It is indeed. This is a clear example of the zero collaboration between
Ubuntu and GNOME (I'm not saying who is wrong). They should have looked for
a standard online account approach.

If you ask me, whilst GOA has less services, it is superior as the options
it gives are far better than UOA ones. I wish GNOME folks make it possible
to stop using using UOA in our systems in a near future, as you say, the
current implementation is ridiculously confusing.

Regards, Alfredo.
On 17 May 2013 07:30, "Julien Olivier" <julo42 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi list,
> could anyone explain me what the plan is concerning
> Ubuntu-Online-Accounts and GNOME-Online-Accounts in future Ubuntu GNOME
> releases?
> Currently, the situation is very confusing:
>  - there are two control center items called "Online accounts".
>  - if you configure a Google account in UOA, you're supposed to be
> getting automatic configuration for Shotwell and Empathy. But, actually,
> you get Evolution (email, contacts, calendar) integration as well, with
> no way to disable (or fine-grain) it from the control center.
>  - if you configure a Google account in GOA, you get automatic
> integration inside Evolution (email, contacts, calendar), Documents and
> Empathy, and you can choose to enable / disable the components you need.
>  - if you use GOA but not UOA, although your account works in Empathy,
> clicking on "accounts" from Empathy's menu does nothing. It works when
> using UOA though.
>  - if you configure the same Google account in both UOA and GOA, you get
> two email account, two contact lists and two calendars in Evolution.
> As you can see, it's a bit complicated to understand which should be
> used, and it would help to know what the developers are doing (or not)
> to try to simplify the situation.
> Thanks a lot!
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