Upgrading to 13.04 from Ubuntu GNOME Remix 12.10

Erick Brunzell lbsolost at yahoo.com
Sat May 11 19:30:40 UTC 2013

On 05/11/2013 02:07 PM, Ari Torhamo wrote:
> Hello,
> My current installation is Ubuntu GNOME Remix 12.10, and I'd like to
> upgrade to Ubuntu GNOME 13.04. Can I just upgrade through
> update-manager, or do I have to do a fresh installation (preferably
> keeping the home folder intact). Surprisingly I wasn't able to find
> this information with one hour of Google search.
> Many thanks,
> -Ari-
Since we were not yet an official "flavor" in 12.10 no real testing was
done regarding Quantal -> Raring distribution upgrades so I'd personally
recommend a fresh install.

Or you could back up your data (which should be done anyway) and be
adventurous ;^)


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