new install with unetbootin

James Freer at
Sun Jul 14 10:53:50 UTC 2013

I'd be grateful if someone could advise. I've been a Ubuntu/Xubuntu
user since 2007. I want to install ubuntu-gnome but i'm a little
unsure of how to do it with these larger isos for USB/DVD.

If one installs unetbootin; one has the option of downloading via
a] distribution - i did this for xubuntu and it seems to select an iso
from 'live' and all ok to then use in conjunction with PLoP. For some
strange reason my two year old PC will not boot from USB despite going
into the bios... i just seem to have an option for booting from
removable media CD/DVD ok but not USB.
b] As ubuntu-gnome isn't on the list i was going to do the manual
Diskimage route... downloading the iso first. I found trying to do
Diskimage and selecting the downloaded iso didn't seem to work.

The other option i presume is to use Start up disk creator - it's
reviews seem poor so i haven't bothered. I'd be grateful if someone
could put me right.


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