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> Am Dienstag, den 27.08.2013, 17:07 +0400 schrieb Ali Linx (amjjawad):
> Hi,
> > I do have some ideas in mind and I'd love to see them on the website
> > as an Ubuntu GNOME user, not as a team member :)
> I have no idea who supervised this page. I thought you knew that, or it
> can bring in experience?
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I am not 100% sure but it could be Matthew who is in charge?

Updating the website can wait little bit now because there are much more
important stuff we need to look after. Feature Freeze [1] is approaching
and today, the vUDS so there are some things to be sorted out and we should
have enough time for the Web Site and also our Wiki as my work has not yet
done on that area :)

[1] - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FeatureFreeze

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