[Testing]-Ubuntu GNOME Daily Build (Saucy-i386-28-08-2013)

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On Wed, Aug 28, 2013 at 9:01 PM, Fernando Panizza
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> Hello all:

Hello Fernando,

        While running "Install (auto-resize)" test, performed on Oracle
> VirtualBox (about 5 times) there have appeard the following issues:
>         1- A black bar appears in the top of the screen during booting
>         2- When installed alongside Windows 7 the "Install Now" button int
> the
> Screen Install Ubuntu GNOME XX.XX alongsite SYSTEM YY is not allowed
>         3- When installed alongside Ubuntu 11.10 the option "Install FAMILY
> XX.XX alongside SYSTEM YY" does not appear
>         How can I get more precise information about this issues to submit
> a
> result?

Are you trying to install Ubuntu GNOME Saucy on a Virtual Machine that has
more than one system installed? or you are creating new machine and
installing Ubuntu GNOME Solo?

Judging from your email, you are trying to achieve something like a
Multi-Booting or Dual-Booting systems?

You need to provide more information so that we can understand what exactly
are you trying to achieve :)

It is good idea to have a look at:


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