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Alfredo Hernández aldomann.designs at gmail.com
Mon Aug 26 20:12:11 UTC 2013


I have tested it and it definitely is something that is system-wide (also I
tested if it was some of the text-mode plymouth mode colours and the blue
kept appearing). As soon as I start working on syslinux, i.e., tomorrow,
I'll see if my suspicion is right.

About the bullet size. An updated version has been pushed to the Git
repository. This is how it looks right now: http://cl.ly/image/3B2i0806103P

On 26 August 2013 20:49, Fran Dieguez <fran.dieguez at mabishu.com> wrote:

> On lun 26 ago 2013 20:39:47 CEST, Alfredo Hernández wrote:
>> Thanks for the info. At first, I thought the same, but then I
>> installed the default Ubuntu Plymouth theme and the same colour is
>> shown, that's why I believe it's some kind of system-wide colour (I
>> even think Syslinux might be involved here, which is the very next
>> thing on my TODO list).
>> Thanks for explaining the second issue. Now that I think about it, I
>> remember having read it somewhere before.
>> Best regards.
>> On 26 Aug 2013 20:35, "Fran Dieguez" <fran.dieguez at mabishu.com
>> <mailto:fran.dieguez at mabishu.**com <fran.dieguez at mabishu.com>>> wrote:
>>     On 26/08/13 20:01, Alfredo Hernández wrote:
>>         Known issues:
>>           * When you reboot your system a plain blue screen is shown,
>>         but I
>>             believe this is a system-wide default colour (it actually
>>         doesn't
>>             depend on your Plymouth theme).
>>     I think that you can control that color from the plymouth script file.
>>     I have done some previous plymouth themes (quite basic, and based
>>     on the stock one) and I'd managed to change that color.
>>     Check lines 164 and 165 from the ubuntu-gnome-logo.script file.
>>     Maybe those could give some clues.
>>           * If you close your session and log-in again, a GNOME stripe
>>         wallpaper
>>             is shown for a while. I have no clue on this one, but
>>         again this
>>             does not depend on Plymouth theme. Actually this may
>>         happen the very
>>             first time you enter your session if you don't use
>>         automatic session
>>             login (which I use).
>>     I have read that it's a "problem" with plymouth/Xserver because
>>     Plymouth ends its execution and gives the control to the gnome
>>     desktop, which loads that default wallpaper until the user defined
>>     is loaded. Sorry if I'm wrong with the explanations.
>>     Regards
> Check in this plymouth theme. It's being two years since I've done it but
> I remember that our background color was green instead of Blue.
> http://packages.cixug.es/**gitweb/?p=so-xug.git;a=tree;f=**
> look/xug-look-0.2/lib/**plymouth/themes/xug-logo;h=**
> 2332db2553699a4a3a2baa6128b259**ddf50aa4d6;hb=**
> f7811077ba0c406fe15196e8716929**0dfe93e999<http://packages.cixug.es/gitweb/?p=so-xug.git;a=tree;f=look/xug-look-0.2/lib/plymouth/themes/xug-logo;h=2332db2553699a4a3a2baa6128b259ddf50aa4d6;hb=f7811077ba0c406fe15196e87169290dfe93e999>
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