[Artwork] Ubiquity Slideshow discussion.

Alfredo Hernández aldomann.designs at gmail.com
Wed Aug 21 17:04:16 UTC 2013

Ok, now that I've worked a bit on the code and the artwork, this is how it
actually looks (a*ll the pictures below are actual code)*:

Iteration 1:

   - http://cl.ly/image/0g3R2N38022y
   - http://cl.ly/image/0S2y2T1c0P0u
   - http://cl.ly/image/170H1t330X3L

Iteration 2:

   - http://cl.ly/image/2j1o2D2l3i0w
   - http://cl.ly/image/1v3T1l2J1B44
   - http://cl.ly/image/1X1k3R03003N

Now, the question is, *which iteration looks better?*
On one hand, the first one is really simple and does not take any attetion
from the important stuff: the slides theirselves.

On the other hand, the second one uses our logo colour, which is very nice,
but it might be distractive (just speculating).

*I like both. What do you think, mates?*
PS. Sorry about the image quality, I just wanted to transmit the idea.
PSS. Keep in mind that in the screenshots I'm using Faience as the GTK+
theme; Adwaita shall be used and it fits better the blue sections.
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