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Martin Evans zoialord6 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 21 11:21:31 UTC 2013

On 21/08/13 12:05, Alfredo Hernández wrote:
> I'm working on the Slideshow and I have a question for you, guys.
> Which proposal do you think works better:
>   * http://cl.ly/image/3O2z3a3i330I
>     <http://cl.ly/image/3O2z3a3i330I> (similar to Ubuntu's. It allows
>     to show a bigger area, but details are lost).
>   * http://cl.ly/image/1g0p3P1s381s
>     <http://cl.ly/image/1g0p3P1s381s> (like Ubuntu's but showing in
>     real scale).
>   * http://cl.ly/image/0T0j2M3M443k
>     <http://cl.ly/image/0T0j2M3M443k> (similar to Xubuntu's, I think
>     this one looks great and allows us to show a big enough area of
>     applications and stuff) Notice that this one would require to
>     change a bit the CSS code (the screenshots are actual code, except
>     from the images, which are post-edited), but it shouldn't a big deal.
> Feel free to make any suggestion.
> Cheers.
The third one looks the best in my opinion, looks very professional.

I do wonder if you could maybe make the header of the ubiquity installer
match the colouring from the logo and maybe a little smaller.

I just think the heading is to large and in my opinion takes the focus
from the actual applications and details (but that's just me).

Either way it looks great!
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