13.10 queries

Omran Quaiser omran at omiwahn.org
Wed Aug 7 21:39:58 UTC 2013


I am on this mailing list since a while and decided a couple of days to
try to install 13.10 and had some queries.

During installation, some when in copying the files I could the that the
version on the installer still was on 13.04.

I also noticed that gnome seems to freeze after a certain time (I can
switch to a shell though) and it is working again after a reboot. (where
can I search for the problem?) With 13.04 I do not encounter the problem
on the same box.

As I am using the classic mode, is there a way to put the task bar on
the bottom instead of the top. I could not find it in this version.

Thanks a lot for any hints....


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