hi !

Selwyn Orren selwyn at linuxweb.co.za
Mon Aug 5 09:01:05 UTC 2013

Helli all. I have been a subscriber to this list since Ubuntu Gnome became
an official flavour. I just want to cobgratulate everyone involved with the
project. What an awesone distro. Its what Ubuntu should have done since day
one. Lol. I have zero experience in testing. But would love to get involved
somehow.  Currently I run a full Ubuntu gnone driven hosting company. I was
a graphic designer for just over 20 years. My time is limited. But if I can
help anywhere please let me know.

Oh I am from South Africa.

Take care

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On 05 Aug 2013 10:22 AM, "Julien Olivier" <julo42 at gmail.com> wrote:

> >
> > - better theme ... adwaita sucks, and nobody like big buttons in the
> > window border ...
> >
> Hi,
> please try not to be too definitive about other people's tastes...
> Adwaita happens to be my favourite GTK theme, and, mind you, I love bing
> buttons in the window border! And that doesn't mean that I expect
> everyone to share my opinion either. Just so you know...
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