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emmanuel bouret emmanuelbouret at
Jeu 18 Nov 07:39:49 UTC 2010

Le 18/11/10 08:06, Steve Nadeau a écrit :
> Bonsoir!
> je ne vois pas pourquoi désinstaller nvidia si la nouvelle carte sera 
> une nvidia...
> au besoin, le système avisera du besoin de changer de pilote 
> propriétaire automatiquement...
> bonne nuit!
> Steve

encore moi
a la page ;
je lis que pour la      geforce GTS450 la version serait differente.?...
*Version: *260.19.12-0ubuntu1~xup2 	2010-10-23 12:21:40 UTC

  nvidia-graphics-drivers (260.19.12-0ubuntu1~xup2) maverick; urgency=low
    * Repackaged to stay in line with current Maverick packaging scripts.
    * Added support for the following GPUs:
        GeForce GTS 450
       GeForce GTX 460M
       GeForce GT 415M
       GeForce GT 425M
       GeForce GT 420M
       GeForce GT 435M
       Quadro 2000
       Quadro 600
    * Fixed the CustomEDID X configuration option so that it can handle EDID files
      from Linux procfs; e.g., /proc/acpi/video/IGPU/LCD0/EDID.
    * Fixed a bug in VDPAU that could cause a "display preemption" when toggling
      MPlayer to full-screen the first time.
      Added OpenGL 4.1 support for Quadro Fermi, GeForce GTX 4xx, and later GPUs.
    * Enhanced VDPAU to fully support Xinerama.
    * Fixed a bug in the X driver that prevented operation of Xinerama when using
      multiple NVIDIA GPUs from different major hardware generations
      on X with ABI 4 or greater.
    * Fixed a bug in the OpenGL driver's Xinerama support.
    * Rendering should have ocurred to all physical X screens driven by an NVIDIA GPU
      compatible with the NVIDIA GPU driving physical X screen 0. However, if some
      physical X screen did not satisfy that requirement, then not only would that
      physical X screen not be rendered to (as expected), but also all physical X
      screens with a higher number would not be rendered to (which was unexpected).
    * Enhanced the VDPAU overlay-based presentation queue to allow it to be used
      when SLI is active, and in some cases when the X composite extension is
      enabled. See the README for further details.
    * Added support for configuring individual displays as any eye in passive stereo
      mode "4" when using TwinView or SLI Mosaic through extensions to the MetaMode syntax.
    * Added ColorSpace and ColorRange features for HDMI. These give the ability to
      output YUV over HDMI and select full/reduced color range on RGB over HDMI.
      ColorSpace and ColorRange are X Configuration options and can be changed
      dynamically through nvidia-settings.

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