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Sujet : Re: ubuntu-docs updates for translation into Intrepid
Date : jeudi 9 octobre 2008
De : "Matthew East" <mdke at ubuntu.com>
À : "Jeroen Vermeulen" <jtv at canonical.com>

On Tue, Oct 7, 2008 at 8:17 AM, Jeroen Vermeulen <jtv at canonical.com> wrote:
> Matthew East wrote:
>> Danilo,
>> There are still 1171 items in the ubuntu-docs queue. Is there anything
>> that can be done?
> It looks like they're simply waiting for the importer to get to them. The
> server that does that work is under heavy load and so far, we haven't had
> much luck in finding more CPUs for it.
> We are optimizing the scripts that keep the server so busy, so hopefully we
> can speed things up a bit over the coming days.

The queue hasn't decreased at all since my last post, it's now at 1174
following a few manual uploads.

What concerns me the most is that a large number of pot templates have
not been imported, so even translators working through the interface
and not relying on imports cannot work with the latest English
documents. What that means I think is that translation of ubuntu-docs
is pretty much a write off for this release.

We'll do some post-release updates to try and mitigate this damage,
but it's a real shame.

I would have thought that pot templates should be given priority over
po templates in the queue.

Matthew East
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