checking all filesystems...

Maxime DANIS maxime.danis at
Dim 18 Mar 08:08:38 UTC 2007

laborde stephane a écrit :
> Je voudrais dire à ubuntu de bien vouloir laisser ma partition windows 
> tranquille et de ne pas la vérifier à chaque fois que je démarre.

ca se passe dans le /etc/fstab.

man fstab :

> The sixth field, (fs_passno), is used by the fsck(8) program to
> determine the order in which filesystem checks are done at reboot
> time.  The root filesystem should be specified with a fs_passno of  1,
> and  other filesystems  should  have a fs_passno of 2.  Filesystems
> within a drive will be checked sequentially, but filesystems on
> different drives  will be  checked  at  the  same time to utilize
> parallelism available in the hardware.  If the sixth field is not
> present or zero, a value  of  zero is  returned  and fsck will assume
> that the filesystem does not need to be checked.

Maxime DANIS

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