uim_anthy in Edgy

Xurxo Fernandez Gismero xurxo13 at terra.es
Dim 5 Nov 16:14:15 UTC 2006

I saw people with this problem in a french forum, hope this will
help. Je ne peut pas ecrire française encore je suis etudiant :(

After re-installing Edgy from scratch i had problems with the uim-anthy
package. I use my OS in japanese and uim-anthy for input.
Usually I would set uim_anthy with 
im-switch -z ja_JP.UTF-8 -s uim_anthy
But it doesnt work in Edgy (it seems they forgot to add the file)
Solution: just copy the uim_anthy script in /etc/X11/xinit/xinput.d/
If anyone need the file just let me know (i took it form an old deb file
i downloaded).
PS- New fonts are very good.

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