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Claude Paroz paroz at email.ch
Sam 20 Aou 22:20:53 UTC 2005

Je retransmets ci-dessous la réponse que j'ai reçue à propos de gxmms.

En gros, il est possible que la version actuellement empaquetée dans
Ubuntu ne soit pas très fraîche, d'où la page qui explique comment
l'installer "manuellement".
Il faudrait donc au minimum rajouter un paragraphe qui explique cela au
début de page.


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On Sat, 20 Aug 2005, Claude Paroz wrote:

> Hi,
> Does someone know why gxmms page on the Wiki
> (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GXMMS) suggests the installation through
> download and compilation instead of package ?
> It has been translated it on the French Wiki and someone asked this
> question.
> Regards.
> Claude
one guess: the wiki page mention some options of gxmms that are specific
to 0.3 (-with-xmms and --with-bmp). gxmms 0.2.1 are the version
currently available for Hoary's and Breezy's universe. So maybe the
author of the page felt it was important to users to get the latest

I have never used gxmms, so I'm not sure how Hoary/Breezy's version
compare to that one downloaded from source.

Daniel Robitaille

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