[CDRECORD] Mettre à blanc un CD-RW

Jean-Pierre Delange adeimantos at free.fr
Lun 11 Avr 15:47:36 UTC 2005

Comment contrôler la vitesse d'effacement du CD  avec cdrecord ? Pour 
l'instant je suis à "speed 4"...
Voici ce que j'ai :

root at metis:/home/adimante # cdrecord dev=/dev/hdd blank=all
Cdrecord-Clone 2.01a38 (i686-pc-linux-gnu) Copyright (C) 1995-2004 Joerg 
NOTE: this version of cdrecord is an unofficial (modified) release of 
cdrecord  and thus may have bugs that are not present in the original 
      Please send bug reports and support requests to 
<cdrtools at packages.debian.org>.
      The original author should not be bothered with problems of this 
cdrecord: Warning: Running on Linux-2.6.10-5-386
cdrecord: There are unsettled issues with Linux-2.5 and newer.
cdrecord: If you have unexpected problems, please try Linux-2.4 or Solaris.
scsidev: '/dev/hdd'
devname: '/dev/hdd'
scsibus: -2 target: -2 lun: -2
Warning: Open by 'devname' is unintentional and not supported.
Linux sg driver version: 3.5.27
Using libscg version 'ubuntu-0.8ubuntu1'.
cdrecord: Warning: using unofficial version of libscg (ubuntu-0.8ubuntu1 
'@(#)scsitransp.c      1.91 04/06/17 Copyright 1988,1995,2000-2004 J. 
Device type    : Removable CD-ROM
Version        : 0
Response Format: 1
Vendor_info    : 'HL-DT-ST'
Identifikation : 'RW/DVD GCC-4480B'
Revision       : '1.02'
Device seems to be: Generic mmc2 DVD-ROM.
Using generic SCSI-3/mmc   CD-R/CD-RW driver (mmc_cdr).
Supported modes: TAO PACKET SAO SAO/R96P SAO/R96R RAW/R16 RAW/R96P RAW/R96R
Starting to write CD/DVD at speed 4 in real BLANK mode for single session.
Last chance to quit, starting real write    0 seconds. Operation starts.

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irritating than those which
expose the pedigree of ideas".
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