2 questions importantes svp concernant Ubuntu Manual

Enrico Rosina e.rosina at bluemail.ch
Mer 31 Oct 12:23:44 UTC 2012

Hello vous tous,

2 questions importantes svp concernant Ubuntu Manual:

(1) Concernant l'insertion automatique d'espaces insécables par latex

Cette insertion fait qu'actuellement dans le pdf, nous avons des espaces
doubles au lieu d'en avoir des fines...

Kevin me dit (voir ci-dessous) qu'on peu adapter l'outil selon nos
besoins. Je prétends que c'est mieux d'enlever cette insertion
automatique dans le pdf, car si nous ne le faisons pas, nous devrons
traduire autrement dans Ubuntu Manual que dans tous nos autres packages

Qu'en pensez-vous? Dois-je demander à Kevin d'enlever cette

(2) Nous voudrions faire un remplacement automatique des guillemets dans
un po

Malheureusement dans le po il y a aussi les textes en anglais, et si
nous remplaçons partout, les guillemets anglais seront également

Est-ce que l'upload prend en compte les modifications dans les textes en
anglais du po? Nous ne voudrions pas faire de dégâts. Est-ce que
quelqu'un peut nous renseigner? Il vaut mieux que cela soit sûr, pas une
vague impression!

Merci d'avance pour ces deux questions

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Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2012 19:03:25 -0500

Hello, Enrico.

You're awake either very late or very early!

On Tue, Oct 30, 2012 at 6:42 PM, Enrico Rosina <e.rosina at bluemail.ch> wrote:
> 1) The problem is that we translate dozens of packages. We have rules,
> and if we make an exception just for Ubuntu Manual, this version of the
> manual will be ok, but for new versions we will perhaps forget and again
> run into problems
> As the strings are already validated, for the moment it will not cost
> time to replace them. So I think the most secure way for the future
> would be adapt the tool for the french version.

Our typesetting software (XeLaTeX) is generally quite flexible and so
we can adapt it to your needs. If you prefer to handle the spacing
yourselves, then I will disable the automatic spacing around the
punctuation.  Just let me know which you prefer.

> 2) For my question about uploading a PO into rosetta:
> Here is one text which i see in my po (I cheated, it's not real)
> #. type: document
> #: ./installation/installation.tex
> #: :88
> msgid ""
> "\\screenshot{...}{ss:...}{The ``Welcome'' screen  ...}"
> msgstr ""
> "\\screenshot{...}{ss:...}{L'écran de ``Bienvenue'' ...}"
> If I make an automatic replacement
> - of `` into «
>  and '' into  »
> Then the result will be a correct « Bienvenue »
> but in my file I cannot prevent replacing the english too
> and change ``Welcome'' into  « Welcome »
> If I upload the po, will It replace all the english signs as well?
> Or is the upload clever enough to ignore changes made to english?

Ah, I see what you mean.  I'm afraid I don't know if the upload is
clever enough to ignore the English or not.

If you replace the quotation marks in the French text only, then
everything will be okay.  I don't know if replacing the English
quotation marks will cause a problem for Launchpad or not.

You can create a backup copy of your .po file before you replace the
quotation marks. Then upload the file with French quotation marks and
see if Launchpad complains. If it doesn't, we can then try downloading
the .po file from Launchpad and building the PDF to see if it works.

If Launchpad does complain, or if we can't build the PDF with the
French quotation marks throughout, then we'll have to update the
French quotation marks for the translated text only.  If we end up
needing to do this, please let me know. I may be able to write a
program to only change the translated quotation marks (leaving the
untranslated English quotation marks as they are).


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