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Mar 30 Oct 20:42:01 UTC 2012

Re-re-re pour votre info

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Hello, Enrico.

On Fri, Oct 26, 2012 at 5:07 PM, Enrico Rosina wrote:
> (1) Macro (English text) >>>>> French translation
> -------------------------------------------------
> \headtoname (To) >>>>> À
> commandlineappheadword (command line) >>>>> ligne de commande
> revisionnumbercaption (Revision number) >>>>> Numéro de révision
> revisiondatecaption (Revision date) >>>>> Date de révision
> colophoncaption (Colophon) >>>>> Colophon
> titlepagecaption (Title page) >>>>> Page de titre

I've updated these translations. (See the attached PDF.)

(de enrico: je retire ce pdf mais il correspond à ce qu'on voit ci-dessus)

> (2) Special character replacement
> ----------------------------------
> \dash (—) normal space before — non breakable space after
> Would it be possible to check if someone already inserted spaces
> manually, to avoid duplicate spaces?

I can have the \dash command remove spaces before and after it and
replace those spaces with its own spacing. I'll take a look at how
you're using the \dash command see adjust the command to work for you.

> (3) French ok with your example of quotes
> ------------------------------------------
> John said, « Yesterday, Kevin said, “Ubuntu is fun !” »
> Remark: we put a non breakable space after « and before »

I think it's using a non-breaking space already, but if you notice
somewhere in the manual where there is a line break after « or before
», let me know and I'll fix the code.

> Another few questions please
> -----------------------------
> (1) The french team are still working intensely on the precise-e2
> manual. Tomorrow I will insert a list of print screens, but I will not
> be able to get the last of them (it's really difficult with my
> configuration). Do you think I must insert en_US prinscreen instead?

If you have trouble getting all of the French screenshots, let me
know. One of our English screenshot editors may be able to help.

> (2) Tomorrow I will rebuil de precise pdf, then I will try for the first
> time to generate the quantal manual. I will certainly have errors. Do
> you need to be informed regularly of my progress?

No. Just let me know if you encounter any problems or need any help.
Also let me know when you've finished and I'll help review the manual.
I sometimes have to make adjustments to the positions of things
(sidenotes and screenshots, for instance).

> (3) Do you have a deadline for us to achieve the translations?
> Fortunately It will snow tomorrow in my region, so not a big problem
> working at home during the week-end :-)

There are no deadlines for the translated editions. We will publish
them once the translation team has said they're ready for the manual
to be published. (I review the manual as well, since there are often a
few minor adjustments that I need to make when generating the final



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