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Enrico Rosina e.rosina at
Mar 30 Oct 20:34:28 UTC 2012


Pour votre info, à propos de la licence entièrement en anglais dans
notre manuel.

J'ai laissé les noms et juste retiré les adresses, si vous avez besoin
de contacter ces personnes je veux bien fous éclairer

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On Mon, Oct 29, 2012 at 5:07 PM, Carsten Gerlach wrote:
> Yes, that’s the case. We do not want to translate the legal text of
> the license in LP because it should be official. So if you find the
> French translation directly on the Creative Commons site, we can
> include it to the French manual.

A quick note on translating the license:

We contacted the Creative Commons folks when we first started the
manual project to see about translating the license text into the
languages we were publishing the manual in. They said that we should
use the generic English license instead because of legal matters.

My understanding of the situation is this: There are two different
issues with translated licenses: the language and the location.  The
license text is specific to the location and not the language.  The
French license would be fine if we only published the French edition
of the manual in France because the license is written specifically to
work with French law. But if someone in, say, Switzerland downloaded
the French edition (because it's their preferred language), then the
license text would be invalid because it doesn't reflect Swiss law.

The end result of our discussions were that we should only use the
generic English license text because it's designed to work for a wide
variety of legal jurisdictions. We do, however, allow a special
translation note to be included as a preamble to the English license
so you can give a summary of the license in your language.

If someone would like to contact the Creative Commons folks to see if
this is still their preferred solution to our problem (multiple
languages, multiple legal jurisdictions, worldwide publishing), and
let us know what they recommend, I'd be happy to work with them to
make any adjustments to our manual's license.


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