Ubuntu Manual: votre avis sur quelques termes globaux svp

Enrico Rosina e.rosina at bluemail.ch
Ven 26 Oct 11:37:43 UTC 2012


Voici quelques indications fournies par Kevin Godby:

"There are a handful of translations we have to make and settings that
we have to adjust for each language. These translations and settings
live outside of the files sent to Launchpad for translation. The
revision number and revision date are included in that list. (We've
tried to upload those to Launchpad for the quantal branch, but we'll
see how it goes.)

I've attached a PDF that demonstrates the effect of these translations
and settings. Please review the PDF and let me know of any
translations or settings that need to be adjusted."

Comme la liste de distribution n'aime pas les attachements, je le place sur mon ubuntu one:

Merci de faire vos commentaires sur http://lite.framapad.org/p/revisionUbuntu
J'ai déjà quelques suggestions mais n'ai plus le temps maintenant, je pars au travail :-)

à bientôt

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