OpenERP v6.0 - Call for translations

Olivier Dony (OpenERP) odo at
Mar 23 Nov 10:43:38 UTC 2010

Dear OpenERP Contributors and Translators,

We are now approaching the final release of OpenERP v6.0, and Release
Candidate 2 will be out soon.
As some of you are already aware, we have done an extensive cleanup of
the translations terms throughout all OpenERP projects, in order to make
life as easy as possible for translators (much less spurious/incorrect
terms to translate, and more real terms detected)
The current set of terms to translate are finalized, and should only
undergo minor changes until the final release.

Now it is really time for translation teams to organize a complete
review of the 'trunk' translations in their languages, as some of them
have already begun doing (German, Dutch and Spanish translations seem to
be the most advanced ones at the moment)
You won't necessarily need to write yourself the translations for
thousands of terms, as all translations benefit from suggestions from
OpenERP and Launchpad communities (including suggestions from other
The first step for members of translation teams would thus be to review
all suggestions in their language via Launchpad's interface (look for
the Needs Review link in your language, some languages have hundreds of

Please keep in mind that being part of a translation is not just a
privilege but also a duty towards the Community!
If you feel you won't manage to do it in time for v6.0, do not hesitate
to coordinate with fellow translators from your country. You could
invite those with many translation suggestions to join your team.
Feel free also to request the assignation of a different translation
team to your language, or the removal of an assigned team (opening it up
so anyone from the community is allowed to confirm translations)

Translating and organizing translation teams is explained in details in
the documentation:

For any questions or discussion, please join the openerp-community (or
openerp-expert-localization) mailing-lists.

Let's make OpenERP v6.0 available for everyone in their native language!

Thank you all!

- References-

* Direct translation links for OpenERP projects (do not forget to click
"View all languages):

* Translation team assignations:
* Help/FAQ about Rosetta, Launchpad's Translation Interface:
* To edit your Launchpad mailing-list subscriptions:
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