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Subject/Sujet: Launchpad 1.2.5: code branch reviews and translations search
Date: vendredi 30 mai 2008
From/De: "Matthew Revell" <matthew.revell at canonical.com>
To: launchpad-users <launchpad-users at lists.canonical.com>

The Launchpad team is proud to announce the 29th May 2008 release of
Launchpad 1.2.5!

New features in this release include:

 * voting and commenting on code branch mergers
 * new Launchpad-wide search
 * and translations search!

Read on for more about what's new and how it affects you.

Vote and comment on proposed branch mergers

Launchpad's merge proposals are a great way for project contributors
to get their code considered for inclusion in the main line.

Now, branch owners - and anyone else who's interested - can vote and
comment on merge proposals.

Aaron Bentley, who's been working on the feature, says:

 These changes make it easy to discuss and tweak proposed changes to a
 branch. You can browse the branch which contains the changes then
 comment and vote directly on what you've seen.

Comments build into a threaded conversation about the branch. You can
also vote either on the branch as whole, or use custom tags to apply
your vote to a specific aspect of the work.

Take a look at one of the first branch merger comments here:


This is just the start for this feature. Keep an eye on future
Launchpad releases!

Launchpad-wide search

Want to find something in Launchpad quickly? Our new site-wide search
looks for results right across Launchpad - in bug reports, branch
descriptions, people, teams, projects, blueprints and more.

Try it out using the search box at the top-right of most Launchpad
pages or here: https://launchpad.net/+search

Translations search

Finding typos or untranslated strings in translation files is now far
easier, thanks to our new translations search!

Right now, you can search for a word or phrase within a particular
translation file.

You'll find the translation search box towards the top-right of
translation file pages. As an example, take a look at the French
translations page for Wordpress:


Other changes this month

 * Packages now have an estimated build start time. Pick a package
   from Ubuntu's pending queue to see an example:

 * You now have the option of automatically subscribing to a team's
   mailing list each time you join a team. Edit your subscription options
   here: https://launchpad.net/people/+me/+editemails

For full details of the bug fixes and features that make up this
release, take a look at the 1.2.5 milestone page:

Launchpad podcast

Each week we're producing a Launchpad team podcast, called Launchpod!
In it we interview people who are doing cool things with Launchpad and
talk to Launchpad developers about what they've been working on.

If you've got a question about Launchpad, let us have it and we'll
answer in the podcast. Post your questions at:


Subscribe to the podcast feed here:


Stay in touch!

Thanks for your bug reports, feature ideas and other feedback! If you
come across any bugs, please file them at:


If you want to get in touch for any other reason, such as with ideas
for our new podcast, join us in #launchpad or on launchpad-users.


There'll be more in Launchpad 1.2.6 at the end of June.

Matthew Revell - Launchpad and Bazaar rock!
Join us in #launchpad and #bzr on irc.freenode.net

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