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Le Wednesday 12 mars 2008, fakhry cricri a écrit :
> Hi,

Hi, welcome to the Ubuntu French Translators mailing list!

> I am applying in order to help out the community with translations from
> english to french (or vice-versa). I am a 24 years old student doing a
> masters in computer science in France, and i would like to make a
> contribution to the world of open source software. I have been using Ubuntu
> for 1 year and a half now and since i have done studies in both french and
> english ( i have a BS. in computer science ), translating documents is the
> ideal first step into the world of contributors for me.
> Unfortunately im getting lost when it comes to the third step: suggestions
> of translations i should make in order to enter a team. Can anybody please
> help me out by telling me how to do that? how do i know the software that
> needs translations? what is meant by "suggesting" : doing an actual
> translation ? or just picking up a package and suggest that it be
> translated? Can you send me indication (links or something) so that i
> complete this step.

Everything id explained if you follow the links in my previous mail. First of 
all, you have to read this page :
You can also find in this page directs links to Launchpad translations wich 
are handled by the Ubuntu French Translators. Note that all other 
translations are handled by upstream teams (gnome-fr, kde-francophone, 
debian-fr, TP, etc.)

Reading http://doc.ubuntu-fr.org/groupetraducteur/questions_frequentes and 
http://doc.ubuntu-fr.org/groupetraducteur/aide_a_la_traduction may be useful 

You can start here : 
There's many strings to transate in the Ubuntu server guide.

PS: although everybody could read English here, this is a French speaking 
mailing list ;-)

> Thank you in advance.
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