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Mer 12 Mar 08:07:05 UTC 2008

I am applying in order to help out the community with translations from english to french (or vice-versa). I am a 24 years old
student doing a masters in computer science in France, and i would like to make a contribution to the world of open source software. I have been using Ubuntu for 1 year and a half now and since i have done studies in both french and english ( i have a BS. in computer science ), translating documents is the ideal first step into the world of contributors for me.
Unfortunately im getting lost when it comes to the third step: suggestions of translations i should make in order to enter a team. Can anybody please help me out by telling me how to do that? how do i know the software that needs translations? what is meant by "suggesting" : doing an actual translation ? or just picking up a package and suggest that it be translated? Can you send me indication (links or something) so that i complete this step.
Thank you in advance. 
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