Attention aux balises XML -> Fwd: broken translations in ubuntu-docs

Bruno Patri bruno.patri at
Jeu 4 Oct 06:20:07 UTC 2007


Attention quand vous modifiez une traduction dans Launchpad à ne pas toucher 
aux balises XML ! S'il y a une erreur dans les balises le document ne ser pas 
traduit !
J'ai corrigé l'erreur (chaîne 21 de add-applcations pour Ubuntu), mais je 
retransmet pour info.

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Subject/Sujet: broken translations in ubuntu-docs
Date: mercredi 03 octobre 2007
From/De: "Matthew East" <mdke at>
To: ubuntu-translators at

Hi there,

Thanks for all your work as usual with translating ubuntu-docs.

As of 2 October 2007, there were some broken strings in the
translations. I've made a list of them[1]. If you can help out by
finding [1] and fixing the error in the translation in Rosetta in the
next couple of days, that would be helpful.


I'll be importing the final translations over the weekend.



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