Daily Language Packs - new reposistory

Bruno Patri bruno.patri at gmail.com
Lun 2 Juil 18:24:55 UTC 2007

En complément, voici le message que Martin Pitt vient de poster sur la liste 
ubuntu-translators :

Dear users of the daily language packs,

langpack-o-matic has been changed to use a Personal Package Archive
(PPA) on Launchpad now. This avoids a lot of hacks on
people.ubuntu.com, including building binary packages there, having a
non-standard archive structure, worrying about version domination,
etc., as well as giving us new possibilities in the near future. For
example, we will be able to directly copy the sources from the PPA to
the Ubuntu archive once the packages have been tested (not before it
has actually been rolled out to the main Launchpad site, though).

This change also made the langpack-o-matic code a lot simpler to
maintain and use. Once the new structure has been tested properly, I
will switch daily gutsy uploads to go straight into the Ubuntu archive
in times when we do not have a freeze, so that we will always have the
latest translations in the development release.

Please update your /etc/apt/sources.list to use these sources instead:

  deb http://ppa.dogfood.launchpad.net/ubuntu-langpack/ubuntu gutsy main

deb-src is available, too, of course. Replace "gutsy" with "dapper",
"edgy", etc., depending on which Ubuntu release you are on.

The old location [1] does not have any packages any more. Instead, I
put in a file README.daily.txt which explains the situation and points
to the new archive.

Once PPAs are rolled out to the production Launchpad, the URL will
change again (without "dogfood."). I will announce this when it
becomes relevant.



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