[Bug 135310] Re: "System" -> "Help and support" entry's French translation should be enhanced

Milan nalimilan at club.fr
Ven 31 Aou 08:55:46 UTC 2007

I'd like this point to be discussed more. I agree 'assistance' or
'entraide' may be heavy formulations. But 'support technique' is already
an anglicism, used almost only by computer companies and the like; in no
other case in French, support means 'help', but rather 'basement', etc.
I thought free software, and especially Ubuntu were concerned about
preserving the language diversity, and I think this starts here, in
being careful with the most current wordings (in Quebec, these strings
are always rephrased to new French forms). I'm not an old-fashioned
grammarian, but only somebody that wants to use the normal language, and
not this computer jargon in the most current tasks.

This sentence is added by an Ubuntu patch to GNOME, so it's here that we
may discuss it. Please consider more this.

"System" -> "Help and support" entry's French translation should be enhanced
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