Nouveau nom d'amaroK -->Amarok

TURPIN Benoît benoit.turpin at
Dim 11 Juin 14:49:09 UTC 2006

Bonjour à tous,

/!\Attention, remarque de maniaque/!\

Sur (8 juin 2006) on peut voir que le nom 
officiel est maintenant Amarok et non AmaroK, amarok ou encore  amaroK 
(ancien nom officiel).

Il faudra y être attentif pour les prochaines traductions.
Ci-joint le texte, le blog évoluant régulièrement.


        /amaroK is now Amarok

/ /

/As one of the results of our K3M multimedia meeting in the Netherlands, 
your favourite media player is now called "Amarok". Say goodbye to 
"amaroK" and its various misspellings "AmaroK", "aMar0k", and friends. 
However, you may still call it Anorak, this is officially acceptable ;-)

For those of you not following the mailing list, here's a copy of my 
arguments pro name change as discussed on the list, to help you 
understand our motivations behind the change:

1) Misspelling of the name is inevitable. In many languages (e.g. 
French) it's downright an error and unacceptable to start a sentence 
without a capital letter. So in official media it is always going to be 
spelt "AmaroK" at the start of a sentence, and possibly also in mid 
sentence. We're provoking this misspelling.

Here are some excerpts from the Helix engine desktop file:

Comment[et]=AmaroKi plugin
Comment[fr]=Module pour AmaroK

2) It was a funny idea when Amarok was young, but nowadays it just seems 

3) The name is unusual enough not to require additional attention from 
special capitalization.

4) Amarok is intended to be a software for all desktops, not just KDE. 
The capital K suggests that it's a KDE only application.

5) Changing the name earlier is easier than later, assuming that our 
popularity is still growing.

6) The Amarok logo does in no way reflect the current spelling. If 
anything, it looks like "amarOk".

7) The various misspellings hurt name branding. There should be one 
brand "Amarok", and misspelling weakens our brand./

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