Free Software Confernce Scandinavia 7.-8.12.2007

Timo Jyrinki timo.jyrinki at
Ti Marras 23 21:01:25 BST 2007


Otsikon mukainen konferenssi järjestetään Göteborgissa 7.-8.12.2007. Idea on 
lähtenyt liikkeelle Ruotsissa, mutta laajentunut muihinkin Pohjoismaihin.

Mukana on mm. Debian-yhteisöä, Ubuntu Ruotsi, EFF, Free Software 
Foundation Europe sekä yrityspuolelta esim. Opened Hand, Imendio, MySQL
ja Red Hat. Hienoa jos Suomestakin sattuisi löytymään ihmisiä/yrityksiä 
ko. konferenssiin.

Ja itse kutsu:

FSFE is cordially inviting to The Free Software Conference Scandinavia
(FSCONS), which is going to take place in Göteborg, Sweden on the 7th
and 8th of December 2007. As the first of its kind conference in the
region, we would be delighted if you decide to become a part of it
together with us. Top notch programmers, hackers, lawyers, government
representatives, and companies, such as Erik Josefsson (EFF), Georg
Greve (FSFE), Øyvind Kolås (Openend Hand), Imendio, MySQL and Red Hat to
name only a few, will be giving speeches with the goal to inspire that
we all think more about all the aspects of Free Software. That is the
aim of FSCONS, to remind the public of those basic freedoms we all have.

As part of FSCONS, FSFE is also presenting the first ever Scandinavian
Free Software Award. Presented to a person, project or organisation from
the Nordic countries that has showed an outstanding contribution to the
cause and spirit to Free our minds. The award will be presented at a
special ceremony, set for the conclusion of Day 1.

Please be advised that due to room size constraints, a limited amount of
about 200 registrations is available. We look forward to seeing you
become a part of FSCONS!