November's French release party

Cyril Lavier davromaniak at
Sun Nov 9 16:32:52 GMT 2008

Hi everybody.

As a part of the French Locoteam, we are proud to officialy announce our
next release party.

Like every party since November 2007, it will last 2 days, Saturday 29th
and Sunday 30th November, in La Villette in Paris, France.

The main improvement, is the party will not  be composed of 3, but 6 poles.

First, the classical workshop, where geeky and experimented users will
help beginners and curious to install, upgrade or configure their
computers, and share their knowledge.

Second, another classic, a demonstration stand, where ubuntu will be
shown (usage, 3D Desktop, new stuff in Intrepid, etc...).

Third, the last classic, a conference room, where 13 conferences will
take place. These will deal with Ubuntu (How to use, and how to
contribute to the project), GNU/Linux, Free Software for physically
challenged people, Mozilla project, and many others.

Now, let's see the 3 new poles.

Fourth, a classroom, which was tested in June's release. This classroom
will welcome 2 lessons, the first, a discovery of Ubuntu, mainly for
beginners. The second (which I will be a part of it, with another
member), an initiation to the bash shell, with the main commands, mainly
for beginners and curious.

Fifth, a debate room, which will welcome French free software
associations, such as APRIL, to talk about free software topics.

Sixth, the last but not the least, it is a free service room. It will
contain about 20 Ubuntu Intrepid computers. People will be allowed to
discover ubuntu, and they will be helped by at least 2 members, which
will be monitoring this room, and help users to make this leap into free

In November 2007, this event welcomed 3000 people.

This event will be covered by a French webradio called Oxyradio.

Website :

Thank you.

Cyril LAVIER aka Davromaniak.

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