Belgian Release Party, May 03 2008

Bart Broeckx bart at
Wed Feb 27 17:27:34 GMT 2008

Hi Ubuntero's,

The site is in Dutch because it's a mainly Dutch speaking event, however the
party is open to everybody as most of us do speak English, German or French.
The presentations and workshops will be held in Dutch but there will be more
to see.

This event will be a place where Ubuntero's can meet, share idea's, help
beginners with the installation, see what is possible professionally with
Ubuntu and Open-Source, ... There will be some companies who will show there
products working with Ubuntu and Open-Source. Hardy will be an LTS version,
ideal for companies and schools so we offer them to come. If everything goes
well there will be 2.000 Ubuntu cd's custom made for the party available. We
are still working on a timeline so there will be a new button on the site
with the program in the next few days/weeks. The link to subscribe yourself
is also working so people interested in coming to the party, please
subscribe so we can estimate how many people will come. For the non-dutch
speakers: The button to subscribe is called "Inschrijven". At FOSDEM I
handed out some flyer's and posters, people interested in having some can
contact me or Ubuntu-be and well try to deliver them to you or you can come
and pick them up.

Keep May 03 2008 free in your agendan, we hope to meet you all at the
Belgian Release Party,

I've just added our party on the Ubuntu-wiki:

Kind regards,

Bart Broeckx
Willekensmolenstraat 83/7
3500 Hasselt
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