FULL apache2 reinstall by apt-get it's possible including configfiles, etc?

Eduardo J. Vega Arguedas edvega en racsa.co.cr
Mie Oct 11 00:06:28 BST 2006

By mistake I delete the /etc/apache2

So I want to re-install apache and have the default configuration files and
default directories created.

If I do an apt-get install apache2 it create the /etc/apache2/ directory but
it's missing the apache2.conf, http.conf, etc dirs

So I need to have a full apache installation that overwrite the old one and
that install default directories as well as the old configuration files.



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> Hello Guys.. I screw apache2 installation so I need to re-install it


> But when I do a apt-get apache2 it will not create or overwrite
> directory !!
> I try by using the –reinstall parameter and no luck… how could I do a FULL
> Complete re-installation including configuration files and other dirs from
> package?

Well I think that I don't understand it, do you want to remove the old
Do you  need to overwrite it?


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