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Mar Mar 15 13:43:41 CST 2005


Benj. Mako Hill:
> <quote who="Jane Silber" date="2005-03-02 17:28:23 +0000">
> > Juantomás García (president of Hispalinux) is the organizer of the 
> > Campus Party in Valencia, a huge one week meeting based on activities 
> > you can do with a PC (from gaming to Linux). They claim last year there 
> > were  4.500 attendees with computers.
> > 
> > In the Campus Party there is a 'Free' zone (formerly 'Linux') and 
> > Juantomás invites us to have an Ubuntu subzone at no cash cost (the 
> > costs are in terms of time of the people that will need to take care of 
> > this zone.
> This sounds great. We should definitely follow up on this.

Can somebody please follow-up on this?

I previously forwarded this to yo en and xuzo en, no reply ..?

> > Maybe the Spanish community would be happy to be in charge of this
> > at a community level?  Do we have a process in place for this sort
> > of thing?  Or a mailing list? Or can you contact the Spanish team
> > and see if they are interested?
> I think that having the LoCo Team handle this is exactly what we
> should do and I think the team/community in Spain is advanced enough
> that they should to handle it extremely well (probably as well as we
> could or better).
I think so too.

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