[Ubuntu-manual] Problems in the Spanish translation of the raring version

Jose joseluis.tirado en gmail.com
Jue Mayo 9 19:57:33 UTC 2013

Hi again Silvie,

I have translated the paragraph containing the "smart scope" expression,
thought I haven't uploaded it yet to Launchpad. I've translated "smart
scopes" as "ámbitos inteligentes" what its a quite direct translation. I
still have to check if is there any other places besides the manual where
that expression is used and translated and I will do the same for "Starter"
that also appears there and no where else in the manual. I don't remember
hearing of that term before in Ubuntu, and I don't an precise idea of what
it represents. I translated it as "iniciador".

\emph{Getting Started with Ubuntu 13.04} is not intended to be a
comprehensive Ubuntu instruction manual. It is more like a quick-start
guide that will get you doing the things you need to do with your computer
quickly and easily, without getting bogged down with technical details. As
with prior versions, Ubuntu 13.04 incorporates many new and improved
features, including new icons (some dynamic), more Appearance options,
improved Dash Preview design, smart scopes, to name just a few. With the
help of this guide, it should not take long before new users get used to
the Unity desktop environment. Unity includes the Starter, the Dash, the
\acronym{HUD}, indicators, and a notification system (\acronym{OSD}).
\marginnote{As of Ubuntu 11.04 the desktop interface significantly differs
from the previous releases because Unity was introduced as the default
\acronym{GUI}.} All these features will be explained in this guide.
*\emph{Primeros pasos con Ubuntu 13.04} no pretende ser un manual de
instrucciones completo. Es más una guía rápida que le permitirá realizar
las tareas necesarias con su equipo rápida y fácilmente, sin preocuparse
por los detalles técnicos. Igual que en las versiones anteriores, Ubuntu
13.04 incorpora muchas características nuevas y mejoradas, como nuevos
iconos (algunos de ellos dinámicos), mas opciones para ajustar la
apariencia, un diseño mejorado de la vista previa en el tablero o los
ámbitos inteligentes, por citar algunas. Con la ayuda de esta guía, no
debería llevarle mucho tiempo a un nuevo usuario acostumbrarse al entorno
de escritorio Unity. Unity incluye el iniciador, el tablero, el
\acronym{HUD}, indicadores y un sistema de notificación (\acronym{OSD}).
\marginnote{Desde Ubuntu 11.04 el interfaz de escritorio difiere
significativamente de las versiones previas ya que se introdujo Unity como
el \acronym{GUI} predeterminado.} Todas esas características se explican en
esta guía.*

Best regards

2013/5/9 Jose <joseluis.tirado en gmail.com>

> Hi Silvie,
> Yes, I am aware of the problem and I'm already working to fix it. I had
> installed OmegaT from scratch but restored the translation memory of the
> previous manuals and I didn't realize that the default configuration sets
> to copy original segment if nothing if change. So when I passed over all of
> the segment of the manual and uploaded the .po file to Launchad all of them
> were marked as translated.
> So I have already cleaned the mess in the OmegaT project and there is only
> 100 segments to be translated. I hope to upload the new .po file shortly.
> Thanks
> 2013/5/9 Sylvie Gallet <sylvie.gallet en free.fr>
>> Hi All,
>>   As I was looking at the Spanish translation (I wanted to know how they
>> translated "Smart Scopes"), I found a whole bunch of strings for which
>> the Spanish translation is just the English string, for example this
>> one:
>> https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual/raring/+pots/ubuntu-manual/es/61/+translate
>> .
>>   I wonder if the Spanish translation team is aware of that, or if it
>> was done on purpose.
>>   Best regards,
>>         - Sylvie
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