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Lun Ago 27 00:59:21 UTC 2012

I have been doing some thinking about the translation approach. I guess it would more than profitable & practical  to have a glossary with the IT  terms translations in  Spanish, for example  the commonest  word "computer" may have four different translations throughout Latin American and Spain





or even  a slang term such as la caja ( the box) , which is not appropiate for the manual. 

I believe that there are missing examples on how to transalte this, especially for common user like me,  a teacher of English who knows nothing about programming. 

Drag the link to a blank space on the tab bar or onto the \button{Open new tab} button.

translation options: 

... \botón{Abrir nueva pestaña} botón

...\botón botón{Abrir nueva pestaña}

...\botón{Open new tab} botón

...\botón botón{Open new tab} 

I guess if all this is given from the style guide in Spanish more people will be willing to join in as it is a kind of nightmare to look up most of the terms without even knowing it the one I have 

just picked is the neutral one, in my case it is even more difficult as in Argentina we tend to use all the terms in English when it comes to technology; in Spain there is a tendency to have 

English words translated though sometimes meaning may be lost. 

Ta a million for your help. 

See you around. 

Have a nice week

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